We are for the taste makers, adventurers, the hard workers, the get up and go get em's, and those that seek higher experience in the flower and flower products that help their lives blossom.

At Mohave Cannabis Co, we are a family. Hard working and dedicated to our art, we strive to uplift everyone that joins our family. It is our foundation that drives our culture, it is our community that makes us thrive.


White Diamonds

THCA diamonds swimming in a bath of Afghani bull rider terpenes.

Originally grown by a bull rider from San Diego, this legendary strain is perfect for extraction. Leaving a strong sweet sour pine aroma so strong you need to be a bull rider just to hold on.


Effects equal calm relaxed but not sleepy.


Perfect strain to Netflix and Chill.

Mohave reserve

Premium cannabis flower is our craft. 


Mohave Reserve brings you a selection of premium  flower highlighting flavor and quality. Our primary focus is to

give our community the highest quality flower with the perfect balance of cannabinoids.

We have been doing this so long, we were established before it was legal.

Now light up and live!

The Blanco

The Blanco is a slice of NY 


The craft of cultivating cannabis has been mastered. From our home state of Arizona, to San Clemente, California, we are proud to announce the launch of Mohave Reserve, our premium flower collection as well as our collaboration with Coachella Manufacturing bringing you The Blanco & White Diamonds.

All three product lines bring a unique experience of quality cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and craftsmanship with one goal in mind, making sure you..our extended family, can always access your premum Mary Jane.

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