We are for the taste makers, adventurers & the hard workers. Those that seek a higher experience in cannabis.


At Mohave Cannabis Co, we are a team and a family. We work hard and are dedicated to our craft. It is our foundation that drives our culture, it is our community that makes us thrive.



We are proud to cultivate some of Californias award winning cannabis. 

1st Place Concentrate

1st Place Hybrid Flower

1st Place Indica

3rd Place Hybrid

Best Booth



In partnership with Coachella Manufacturing, Mohave Cannabis Co. has taken the Reserve to the next level. Say hello to the Blanco & White Diamonds.

Mohave Cannabis Co. cultivates and creates some of the most impactful terpenes profiles, balanced THC & CBD content.





The craft of cultivating cannabis has been mastered. From our home state of Arizona, to San Clemente, California, we are proud to announce the launch of Mohave Reserve, our premium flower collection as well as our collaboration with Coachella Manufacturing bringing you The Blanco & White Diamonds.

All three product lines bring a unique experience of quality cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and craftsmanship with one goal in mind, making sure you...our extended family, can always access your premium Mary Jane.

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