THCA diamonds swimming in a bath of Afghani bull rider terpenes.


Originally grown by a bull rider from San Diego, this legendary strain is perfect for extraction. Leaving a strong sweet sour pine aroma so strong you need to be a bull rider just to hold on.


Effects equal calm relaxed but not sleepy.


Perfect strain to Netflix and Chill.


The Blanco 

THE BLANCO is a PURE micro THCa concentrate lightly charged with Cannabis derived Cheisel Terpenes cultivated by Mohave Cannabis Co. on Ice House Road

Coyly concentrated and fully de-waxed process separates all fats and lipids from the botanicals and leaves the consistency of microscopic diamonds


The overriding taste of The Limited Edition Chiesel leaves your mouth watering and longing for more; a la a Slice of NY after heading out of The 40/40 @4AM.

Partnered with Coachella Manufacturing, we have created The Blanco & White Diamonds. Using state-of-the-art BHO extraction equipment from Precision® Extraction Equipment and a meticulous emphasis on quality finishes, Coachella Manufacturing consistently produce the finest extracts in the market, while ensuring compliance with all pesticide, microbial, and residual solvent testing regulations.