Good People

Family owned & operated since 2012, Mohave Cannabis Co. continues to be an endeavor of caring people, dedicated to each other, our craft, and our community.

Good Weed

Hand watered, hand picked, and hand trimmed — our plants are grown with care and lab tested for quality.

Good Times

Our products encourage us to have fun and enjoy life. Whether you're going for a float, or making waves, we’ve got you covered!


About Us

Our family enjoys the outdoors and getting our fingers dirty. Coming from Mohave Valley, along the Colorado River, it's in our blood. So we've taken all that experience and put it to good use growing another crop, cannabis.

As you can guess, we have a lot of fun doing it. Because if there’s one thing growing up on a river has taught us, every day should be one big, free-flowing adventure.

And in the end, if what we do helps people feel better, that’s not a bad way to spend your time.


Mohave Cannabis Co. comes from a small town, but our family is big.

Our products encourage us to have fun and share. That's why giving back to community is so integral to everything we do.

Share the good - and the goods - whenever possible.